Company Policies

At Arrowhead, things are ever changing and as the world around us changes, so must the policies we have to ensure that we are up to date on the dynamics in which make this world a better place. Please utilize this page for information on various policies such as returns, cancellations, deposits, theft, etc that help shape our company, success, and our overall customer service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 615-653-2025 or by email at [email protected] Thanks again for your business.

Arrowhead Renovations commits itself to the utmost customer service. If you feel as though we didn't meet your standards or exceed your expectations, we promise we will try our very best to make it right. We just ask that you please allow us the chance to. However, we also ask that you bring any concerns you may have to our attention as soon as possible, preferably within 30 days of us providing a service to you.

Equal Rights:

We take equal rights seriously. We will not, under any circumstances, offer or deny services on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, political belief, or any other means that may be considered bias or discriminatory under color of law. If you experienced unequal treatment on the basis of any of these or under any basis that violates the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, please contact our owner personally via email at [email protected] . This kind of treatment will not be tolerated within our company. In the email, please provide your name (or phone number if you wish to remain anonymous) as well as the name of the PHI associate who treated you with inequality.

Our deposit policy conforms to the standards as outlined under law. In the State of Tennessee, we are only allowed to ask for a maximum deposit of 33% up front. 

However, due to our small size as a company, our policy is a bit different than others. We have one standard deposit procedure:

At Arrowhead, we require customers to purchase supplies separately and just bill them for our labor. The process is very simple, painless, and hassle free. 

How it works? An Arrowhead associate will gather a materials and supplies list for you in order to get the job done. This list will come from our supplier as a "quote." At that point, you can take the paperwork to the supplier yourself and pay for the materials or you can give the money to Arrowhead Renovations directly who will then go pay for the supplies and materials personally and also schedule for delivery of supplies and materials. The materials list, as well as any delivery, dumpster, or equipment rental fees will all be included on the contractual estimate provided to you by an Arrowhead associate. (For more information on how we do estimate and contracts please visit the contract policy tab on the policies page.)

Once all supplies is paid for, Arrowhead Renovations requires a 33% deposit on estimated labor costs to be due up front before the job begins. 

The remaining amount is paid in one of two ways

1. If total length of job is expected to last 14 or more days, another 33% will be due on day 14 and the remaining 34% will be due upon completion of job.

2. If job is expected to take less than 14 days than 33% of estimated labor costs will be due up front and the remaining 67% will be due upon completion of job.

Please note that deposits are only partially refundable if you decide to cancel the job. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but please understand that we take time out of our day to offer free estimates, use days on our calendar to book your time slot, and go out of our way to get materials lists so if you decide to cancel after already paying the deposit, only 30% of the deposit provided will be refunded. However, its in our sole discretion to provide partial refund and we do reserve the right to deny a refund in whole or in part. These decisions are made on a case by case basis. We hope you understand.

Scheduling Deposits:

If a job is scheduled out more than 10 days , we do require a 10% deposit of total estimated cost of job to be due upon signing of contract to hold the dates for customers. This deposit will be applied towards invoice and as a partial payment of 33% deposit on labor that we require as stated above. This deposit is non-refundable if customer decides to cancel. 

If Arrowhead Renovations has to cancel, deposit will be refunded, in full. 

At least 72 hours before scheduled start date, an Arrowhead Renovations associate will provide customer with supplies and materials list for purchasing. Customer can either give payment to Arrowhead associate, who will then go purchase materials on behalf of customer or customer can go purchase materials themselves and inform supplier contractor will pick them up at later date.

Once materials are paid for, remaining 20% labor deposit will be due on day job is scheduled to begin. 

For example: if total estimated cost of job is $2,000 and materials is $1,000 and it is scheduled out 4 weeks: the deposit policy is as follows:

10%=$200 to be due upon signing of contract to hold date. 33% of $1,000 is $330. $200 will be applied to the $330 required deposit before job can begin. Just the $200 is used to hold the dates. 

At least 72 hours ahead of time, customer will pay for materials in amount of $1000. This can be given to Arrowhead associate or can be purchased from supplier directly by customer. 

On day job is to begin remainder of the 33% deposit will be due. Customer already paid $200 to hold the date, the remaining $130 will be due on day job is started. Once job is done, remaining $670 of labor costs will be due.

If you already paid a deposit, please refer to the policy above. If you haven't paid a deposit and wish to cancel, we ask that you please do so at least 1 week in advance or if that is not possible, no later than 72 hours notice. We understand that things may come up but our time is valuable and the time we reserved for you can easily be used for another customer so we just ask that you please be mindful and courteous of our time if you wish to cancel.

However, if you simply wish to reschedule, we ask for at least a 72 hour notice. We offer 1 free rescheduling per customer per job, any additional rescheduling's will be an additional $30 rescheduling fee. No more than 3 rescheduling's will be provided. If you need to reschedule more than 2 times, then a 33% deposit for total estimated cost of job will be due in addition to the $30 rescheduling fee upon the 3rd rescheduling. If you need to reschedule a 4th time, the job will be cancelled and a partial refund for the deposit will be provided upon our discretion. We do reserve the right to deny or refuse a refund.


If you already paid a deposit and or paid us for materials and have agreed either verbally, electronically, or through any other means of communication to the work agreement in which was provided through Joist, and wish to cancel existing work agreement then a refund will not be provided. Both parties have a contractual obligation to hold up their end of the work agreement and therefore, if you wish to cancel, you are still obligated to pay the full amount as agreed upon, whether we actually begin work or not. 

If we cancel the work then a refund will be provided in whole or in part if work has already been performed. 

That is why we use contracts, so all parties involved are protected. Any disputes you may have may be resolved either through mediation or through civil litigation. 

A.) Arrowhead Renovations Accepted Payment Methods:

Arrowhead Renovations currently accepts the following forms of payment:

1. Cash

2. Check: please write checks out to Charles Runion (a $10 fee will be added to all checks.) Checks are only accepted Monday thru Friday.

3. Money Order: please write money orders out to Charles Runion

4. Debit/Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and any other major debit/credit card (a 4% fee will be applied to all debit/credit card transactions)

5. Electronic Money Transfers via venmo (@arrowheadrenovationstn), Zelle (phone number 615-653-2025) cashapp ($arrowheadrenovations): no fee will be applied for EMT's

We reserve the right to charge a $25 fee for all returned checks and also charge a 5% daily interest fee for all payments that are not paid in full within 7 days of completion of job (commercial clients) or by end of business day upon completion of job (residential customers).

If you choose to dispute a charge made to a credit or debit card after payment has already been processed, please refer to the policy below, also known as Refunds and Disputes.

B.) Non-Payment For Services Rendered

Failure to pay for services rendered will result in legal action up to and including

1. Criminal charges for theft of services (TCA 39-14-104)

2. Lein applied against home or property associated with services

3. Civil litigation in court for amounts owed in which prevailing party will be responsible for paying all court, filing costs, and attorneys fees.

By agreeing for us to perform services, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms outlined in this policy.

Arrowhead Renovations conducts all of its work via contracts provided to you through text or email by joist, the program we use for all of our estimating and invoicing. We ask that you read the estimate/invoices carefully before agreeing to work to be performed.

The estimate/invoice we send to you is the contract. By allowing us to perform work, you agree that you read the terms of the documents provided to you and agree to said terms. Whether you sign the contract, verbally say yes to us performing work, or agree via text, you, the customer, agree that once we begin work, you automatically agree to said terms as outlined in contract. Failure to physically sign the contract does not prelude you from said terms and you agree to that by allowing us to perform the work and by payment of deposit.

At Arrowhead Renovations we gladly allow customers to purchase materials or supplies, herein known as "goods" separately from job and we simply bill for labor. 

However, in instances where Arrowhead Renovations buys the materials and supplies the "goods," we maintain the right of ownership of said goods until invoice for job has been paid in full. Partial payments for job are not considered payment on materials, rather are simply a payment towards the job as a whole. Failure to pay invoice in full immediately upon completion of work or payment agreement terms constitutes Arrowhead Renovations the right to repossess any and all materials or goods supplied to customer by any legal means necessary up to and including removing goods from location or property. 

Customers understand that until invoice for jobs are paid in full, no materials, goods, or supplies provided for job are under their ownership, rather are the ownership of Arrowhead Renovations. Once invoice is paid in full, Arrowhead Renovations will provide customer with a "transfer of goods" statement with receipts and itemized list of all goods being transferred to customer. Transfer of ownership can only be done once invoice is paid in full. If customer refuses to pay for services rendered, customer understands that Arrowhead Renovations will use any legal means necessary to recover any and all goods, materials, and supplies provided and paid for by Arrowhead Renovations. 

Most of our warranties come with a 1 year workmanship warranty. More information can be found in the warranty paperwork provided to you by an Arrowhead associate via text, email, or in-person. If you have any questions regarding your warranty, please contact us using the contact tab.

At Arrowhead Renovations, we are all about transparency which is why we will gladly provide you with a copy of our General Liability Insurance upon request. To request it, please click on over to the "contact us" page and submit a form. In the subject field, please put POI request. 

A.) Refunds:

Refunds will be issued on a case by case basis but please note that Arrowhead Renovations does reserve the right to refuse or deny a refund in whole or in part for any reason at all. 

Additionally, refunds for materials may also be subject to the refund policy of the store or supplier in which they were bought. We cannot control if they provide or deny a refund and we ask for your understanding in this matter.

If, for some reason, you are unhappy with the services we provided, please bring it to our attention within 30 days of us completing the service so that we are allowed ample time and opportunity to make it right. If your concern is in regards to workmanship of services, please refer to the warranty information sheet provided to you by an Arrowhead Renovations associate via in person, email, or text.

If your concern is in regards to the product itself or the way an Arrowhead Renovations associate interacted with you, we promise to do all that we can to make it right, even if it means providing a partial refund at our discretion. If you fail to communicate any concerns to us within 30 days of us completing said job, we will not listen or entertain your complaint as we feel, then, it would be frivolous.


If you are concerned with any payment you made or are confused as to our invoicing, please reach out to us personally to resolve the issue. If there is a payment dispute or payment you have questions about, please reach out to us personally to allow us a chance to resolve the matter.

If, for some reason, you decide to file a dispute for payments you made to us and the job has already been completed and you paid us in full, if more than 72 hours has passed since the payment has been made and the dispute resulted in you being refunded the full amount as shown on the claim issued by your financial institution, we reserve the right to bill you an additional $250 for each dispute that was wrongly disputed in addition to:

1. attaching a lien to your home or property that job was associated with

2. seeking criminal charges for theft of services under TCA 39-14-104

3. Seeking punitive and other damages in civil court.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it costs us time, money, and resources to have to challenge those disputes to prove that they should not be debited from us and reimbursed back to you.

If its been less than 72 hours and your dispute was not resolved by yours or our financial institutions, then please allow us the chance to make it right in which we will explain or alleviate any concerns you have while also offering other alternatives to make things right up to and including a refund in whole or in part.

Discounts will be offered or provided at the discretion of Arrowhead Renovations associates. At times, per our discretion, we may ask for some from of ID, paperwork, etc to verify the discount in which you receive. If you want a more detailed description of our discounts, please refer to the discounts and promotions page.

Arrowhead Renovations prides itself on customer service as well as maintaining a healthy work environment for all of our team members. Therefore, we will not tolerate angry or irate customers. 

At any point during the duration of a job, if a customer begins to get belligerent, angry, upset, or begins yelling or cussing at any of our employees, we have the right to pack up our belongings and end the job with absolutely no refunds being provided. 

We understand customers may want things a certain way. We understand customers want great quality work or at some times, may have a disagreement or misunderstanidng. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to overcome any concerns in which one may have. At Arrowhead, we value our customers feedback. We value their business. But what we won't tolerate is being micromanaged, having our work questioned because people think they know more than we do about a certain area of expertise, and we will not tolerate customers asking google for every bit of advice on how something is done. We have been in this industry for almost 2 decades. We have the experience, portfolio, and customer base to back up our work. Therefore, it is an insult to us when a customer constantly questions everything we do and judges our work and makes a decision before ever allowing us to finish the job and see for themselves the kind of quality, craft, and workmanship we put into our work.

If you have a disagreement or concern, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. However, we will not tolerate being yelled at, cussed at, threatened, being discriminated against, etc. If at any point any of our employees feels uncomfortable working at a jobsite due to actions taken by the customer, we have a right to stop work without notice and no refunds will be provided. Just as we will terminate an employees employment with us for being rude to a customer, we will terminate a work contract with a customer who makes the work site so uncomfortable, it becomes extremely difficult to see the job through to the end. We hope you understand this policy and please know, there is always a right way and wrong way to go about things. Two wrongs don't make a right. 

At Arrowhead Renovations we value your time just as much as we value ours. Therefore, once an estimate for work is written up and agreed to, if the scope of work changes at all, we reserve the right to charge an additional $250 for having to alter the contract, assess the added labor fees associated with change in scope of work, and the time it takes to do all this. This added fee is in addition to any other costs that may be associated with the change in scope of work such as labor, materials, etc.

A prime example of change in scope of work is outlined below:

If a customer wishes to have a wall built in one area and then decides later on that they want an additional wall built, that changes the scope of work we are doing. 

That work requires new measurements, new materials, added labor, etc and as such, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of $250 for having to take time away from job at hand to assess added costs. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but sometimes, when customers change scope of work it causes us to get behind schedule and as such, we have to be compensated for the added inconvenience this causes to our business, the added labor fees it costs, added transportation fees, etc. 

That's why we ask a customer once a contract is set in place to please stick to it so we don't have to take extra time to have to rework the contract. 

Lastly, if scope of work is so significant that it becomes evident that the work being performed isn't close or doesn't add up to the original work agreed upon, then we have a right to cancel contract due to the breach of the terms and scope of work in which was agreed to. If this happens, a refund will not be provided. This is why it is important and imperative that once a contract is agreed to, both parties stick to it as we don't want to have to cancel a contract due to the scope of work being so drastic it nearly becomes an all new contract. We hope you understand. 

Our service fee charges come in two scenarios as described below. Service fee charges are based on the cost of materials and are a certain percentage of that cost. Our service fee charges are mandatory and cannot be waived or refunded.

Below is our service fee charges:

Scenario 1: If Arrowhead Renovations and or it's associates are to be the ones going to the supplier and picking up materials needed for the job and delivering said materials to customers home or job site, the service fee charge for this is 10% of the total cost of materials before tax is applied.

Scenario 2: If customer would like to go purchase materials themselves and either have it delivered by a 3rd party or the supplier directly or pick up materials themselves, we will charge a 6% service fee charge for the amount of time it took our associates/employees to gather the materials list for you and have it converted to a quote with our supplier in order for you to make the purchase. 

For example, if a customers materials come out to $2,000 before tax, if Arrowhead Renovations are to be the ones to go purchase said materials and deliver said materials to customers home or job site, then we will charge a fee of 10% of that $2,000 which is $200. 

If we simply gather the materials list for the customer to make it easier on them to go purchase materials themselves and have them delivered or customer picks it up themselves, then we will only charge a 6% service fee charge for the time it took us to gather that list for the customer to make their trip to the supplier much less difficult and hassle free. With the same price of $2,000 before tax, we will then only charge a fee of $120.

If customer decides at last minute that they would prefer Arrowhead Renovations or it's associates to go pick up materials and deliver them, there will be an additional $200 delivery fee added onto the invoice which will be due immediately before any supplies are picked up or delivered. This fee will be in addition to the 6% service charge that was charged when signing the contract in which customer said they would make arrangements for a 3rd party delivery.

At Arrowhead Renovations we strive to offer the best services at the very best prices. In addition, we often run special promotions to help market ourselves. Therefore, we have this exclusion policy to help customers better understand our discounts and specials promotions.

Therefore, no customer shall be able to combine more than 1 discount at the same time. Said discounts include but are not limited to: Military, senior, Healthcare worker, etc. All customers are limited to one discount per service/estimate.

Additionally, no customer shall be able to combine a discount with an already existing special promotion on same service/estimate. Customers may choose one or the other. 

Lastly, all discounts are applied to either materials or labor, but not both. If Arrowhead Renovations offers you 7% off, that 7% can be applied to either materials or labor but not both and it is the sole discretion of Arrowhead Renovations on which to apply it to.

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